Google Releases FTTH Gigabit Fiber and TV

Google has released details and pricing on its gigabit fibre broadband and TV service in Kansas, US. It costs $120 per month for fiber internet and TV, or just $70 per month for a 1000mbit fiber connection. In comparison with Australia, currently the NBN is using 100mbit fibre, although its upload speed is capped to 40mbits. Google Fiber has a 1000mbits download speed and 1000mbits upload speed. The NBN does have plans to release details on a 1gbit (1000mbps) plan within the coming months. Furthermore the Google fiber service does not come with download limits, something yet to be seen by any Australian NBN service provider. New Google registrations receive a Nexus 7 for use as a remote and a 2TB storage box to record shows, also 1TB of Google Drive cloud storage is added in.

More details at Googles site here

Google Fiber uses a FTTH (Fiber to the Home) method of connecting houses to the internet, this is the same technology the NBNco is currently deploying around Australia. FTTH is a method the coalition is against and instead wants to deploy FTTN (Fiber to the Node). FTTN is extremely costly in the long run because eventually it will need to be upgraded to FTTH, as seen throughout the world. FTTH is a passive infrastructure, meaning there are only two points that A need power and B need changing in order to upgrade, that is, A, the telephone exchange building and B your home internet router. FTTN relies on copper wires to reach your home, meaning tens of thousands of powered cabinets with eight to ten batteries each would need to be installed throughout neighbourhoods, upgrading and maintaining a FTTN network is costly and not recommended by network professionals. You can read more about why FTTN is not a good idea here